The Tripewire XL is the ultimate 'U' lock bike protector. It combines a 15mm high tensile steel cable with a U-lock


The Oxford Trip-Wire has a key replacement service. When you buy your Trip-Wire, simply note down the number which comes attached to the keys on a metal tag. Keep this in a safe place, then in the event that you are unfortunate enough to lose all your keys, it will be possible to get a new key made up for you.

Key Features

  • Combination of a U-Lock with the flexibility of a 15mm high tensile steel cable.
  • 1.6M cable facilitates attachment to an immovable object
  • Hardened steel locking mechanism with new high security keys
  • Double Locking Mechanism
  • Key Replacement Service
  • 2,500KG Anti-Jack Strength

Oxford Silver Trip Wire XL 15mm x 1.6mtr